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The Winning 5 entries were presented on the Montenegro stand at MIPIM Horizons in Cannes, France, December 4 2008.



The Spatial Planning and Environment received a very strong response to the initial stage of the Velika Plaza competition from masterplanning consultants around the globe. Submissions were all of a very high standard and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and well considered submission.

Following careful review of all pre-qualification proposals submitted by the deadline of the 20th June, we take pleasure in confirming that 10 short listed consultancies to proceed to the next stage of the competition are:

  • Van den Oever, Zaaijer & Partners architecten/Stijlgroep (Holland),
  • SSSCC+PM (Italy),
  • Architectural Denver (USA),
  • Archipelagos/Aedas(USA/HK),
  • Cooper Robertson (USA),
  • Crawford Architects (USA),
  • Burrows Cave International (UK),
  • Spacegroup/Arup (Norway/UK),
  • Ellerbe Becket (USA) and
  • PRP Architects (UK).

Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment of Montenegro together with the memebers of the judging panel that work on the Velika Plaža Project, has sucessfully finished the process of selection of the five finalists that are to proceed to the next stage of the Velika Plaza competiton, organized in London on the WTM (9-12 November), where the five entries will present their work, and where the winning proposal will be announced.

After the Conference call, held on 27th October, the judging panel decided tha the five entries are:

  1. Van Den Oever Zaaijer &Partners
  2. Crawford Architects
  3. PRP Architects
  4. Archipelagos/Aedas

Not selected to go to London are:

  1. Spacegroup/Arup
  2. Architectural Denver
  3. Cooper Robertson
  4. Burrows Cave International
  5. Ellerbe Becket

The final decision on the winner of the Velika Plaza Project and the final announcement of the winner has been made in London, on the WTM on the 11th of November.

The winning company is:

  1. Van Den Oever, Zaaijer & Partners, architecten Amsterdam / Stijlgroep Landscape and Urban Design Rotterdam

Two runners-up are:

  1. PRP Architects;
  2. Crawford Architects,

And two special commendations went to:

  1. Archipelagos / Aedas and
  2. SSSCCM + PM.

The winning five entries will also present their solutions of the Velika Plaza in Cannes, 2-4th December.


Members of the Judging Panel on the WTM

  1. Branimir Gvozdenović, Minister, Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment
  2. Predrag Nenezić, Minister, Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection
  3. Gzim Hajdinaga, Mayor, Municipality of Ulcinj
  4. Miguel Ruano, Vice president, development & project management Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI)
  5. Bill Kistler, President of the Urban Land Institute
  6. Josep Acebillo, Partner Architect, Architecture & Urban Systems
  7. Charlie Huges, Chairman of Smart Futures


MIPIM Horizons is the exhibition and conference dedicated to real estate in fast-growing regions. It brings together international investors and property professionals with developers and local authorities from the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Eastern & Central Europe and Latin America.




Van Den Oever, Zaaijer & Partners, architecten Amsterdam /
Stijlgroep Landscape and Urban Design Rotterdam
  Winner Winner
PRP Architects
  First runner up  
Crawford Architects
  Second runner up  
Archipelagos / Aedas
  First special commendation  
  Second special commendation  



Cannes - MIPIM Horizons, December 1-4

MIPIM Horizons photo

MIPIM Horizons photo

MIPIM Horizons photo

MIPIM Horizons photo

MIPIM Horizons photo



London - WTM, November 9-12

WTM photo

WTM photo

WTM photo



Velika Plaža - Site Vizit, July 26-28

Site visit photo

Site visit photo

Site visit photo

Site visit photo

Site visit photo





sponsored by
Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment



An exemplar high category sustainable waterfront resort community providing a wide
range of uses and community facilities, including workforce housing. Given the scale
and linear nature of the site, it is envisaged that a number of distinct “places” or
neighbourhoods will be created, each distinctive and attractive in their own right but
cohesive within an overarching masterplan and design framework.
A leading edge environmental, economic and socio/cultural sustainability ethos will
permeate all aspects of the development, from masterplanning through to operation
and long term management.
The proposals must incorporate at least one major zone of medium to high density
resort development, clearly illustrating the underlying sustainability concept.
The Government of Montenegro requires Velika Plaza to act as a world standard
catalyst for the Country’s rapidly expanding tourism market. In doing so, it will
function as a centre of excellence offering higher skills training and employment
opportunities for the indigenous population.
Velika Plaza will operate as a year-round living community and therefore will have a
wide range of resort and residential accommodation supported by a full range of
community facilities including education, health and wellbeing, business and
conference centres.



Submissions to reach the Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment by noon on Friday 20th June
Monday 30th June. Ten entrants will be selected to go through to the full competitio submission stage.
Site Visit and issue of competition pack
Week commencing 30th June
Full submission deadline
Friday 12th September
Presentation to panel by five finalists
Monday 29th September
Panel Decision
Tuesday 30th September
Awards Ceremony
Cityscape Dubai 1st November
Presentation to potential developer



Ten firms will be shortlisted to submit full competition entries.
From these ten competing consultancies, two will be selected for special
commendation, two will be selected as runners-up, and one will be selected as the
winning entry.
Honoraria will be paid as follows:

  • Winner 50,000 euros
  • Runners-up 20,000 euros each
  • Special Commendations 10,000 euros each

The entries of the winner and the two runners-up will be exhibited on the Montenegro stand at Cityscape Dubai at the end of October...
Two representatives of the winning firm will be invited to attend the awards ceremony in Dubai.



  • Track record in major mixed use developments/resort masterplanning
  • Experience in working with major international/global hospitality/hotel/resort
    operating companies
  • Sustainability awareness and credentials
  • Structure and members of competition team including members’ CVs.
  • Appropriate professional references
  • Resources and technical capability for a project of this scale and complexity
  • Applicants can be single consultancies or a consortium.

All pre-qualification materials should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked VELIKA PLAZA COMPETITION and sent by registered post to the Ministry of Economic Development at the address: Rimski trg 46, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro, with a simultaneous electronic copy to Smart Futures at The pre-qualification submission should confirm acceptance of the competition programme dates and the availability of a representative of the applicant to come to Montenegro in the week commencing the 30th June for a site visit and to collect the full competition pack.
The Government of Montenegro has adopted the planning documentation that should serve the applicants as informative basis for the review of location data. Since the competition aims to obtain the best and most innovative solutions, the existing planning documentation should not restrict the applicants; they are rather expected to offer their own ideas and design concepts. This documentation can be found here.

PDF version of this document can be found here.

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